How to Make Your Real Estate Listing Stand Out

real estate listings

Let’s face it — the Victoria housing market is competitive, and if you want to sell for top dollar, you need to make your listing pop. Most potential home buyers have so many MLS listings to sort through that yours could be easily missed.

So what makes for an impressive real estate listing? Here are some tips to make yours stand out from the rest.


Stage It


Staged homes show your home’s best side. Furniture is placed strategically to maximize space and make the rooms look large and open. Staging is the best way to show potential buyers the possibilities of your home. Hire a professional stager or read my previous blog on how to stage your home in 8 simple steps.


Use Important Keywords


When potential home buyers are scanning MLS listings, they’re looking for certain keywords to jump out at them. These are things that are non-negotiable that these people want in their home — so if your home has them, you want to let people know. High ceilings, air conditioning, shopping nearby, on a bus route, and close to schools are a few keywords that will either jump out at people or are ones they may even search for.


Use Professional Photography


When people scroll through the MLS listings, they’re likely doing it quickly and are waiting for something to catch their eye. A good photo will do just that!

Once you stage your home, hire a photographer experienced in home photography to take photos of all the rooms in your home. They’ll know the angles that will best showcase your rooms and the best lighting to take these shots.

You may even want to think about doing a video walkthrough or 3D floor plan if your photographer has videography experience, too.


Highlight Your Home’s Important Features


As I’ve mentioned before, your home needs to stand out from the rest. Potential buyers are looking for benefits they’ll enjoy in a new home. So, figure out what your home has that most homes on the market may not have and highlight those in your real estate listing. For example, if you’ve recently renovated your kitchen and/or bathroom, or converted your garage into living space, make sure that gets showcased first in your real estate listing.


Include a Floor Plan


Even if you do include a walkthrough video, it’s hard for people to get a true feel of where every room is located in your home. So potential home buyers will appreciate it if you include a floor plan with your listing. This way, people can see what’s on each floor, where the bedrooms are in relation to each other, how big they are, and where the entrances and patios are located.


Have a Top-Notch MLS REALTOR®

The very best thing you can do to get your real estate listing noticed is to hire a REALTOR® who knows what they’re doing. A good REALTOR® knows what to include (and not to include!) in the listing and can help you with staging and hiring a quality photographer. I love to help people get their homes ready for sale and would love to put your real estate listing together. Contact me today!

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